We specialize in assisting small & medium businesses to build the right infrastructure as they step into the digital world making sure they make a mark. Our services cover social media marketing, brand building, web design & development as well as E-commerce setup so retail businesses can cater to PAN India. 

We have catered to multiple industries like FMCG, Retail, Personal Branding, Human Resouces, and many more. What makes us different from other agencies is that we understand businesses better. A website or social media is not our end goal, we focus on building our client’s business. 


Harsh Teckchandani - Co-Founder at Hash Consult

Harsh Teckchandani

Co-Founder - One With The Business Mind

Smart, geeky and focussed, business is what intrigues him the most. With the skill of transforming businesses online, Harsh Teckchandani is highly passionate towards taking things to the next level.

Shreyansh Parmar

Co-Founder - One With The Creative Mind

Composed, collected and calm, bringing in creative ideas not only on paper but actually working them into reality. With a knack for creativity, Shreyansh Parmar is highly meticulous and believes in getting things done in style.

Kashish Bagade

Business Development Associate